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Children of the Sea

A Work in Progress by Anne Ruby

Children of the Sea, by Anne RubyMatthew, Lauren, and Jared had no idea who the Sea People were, until that fateful autumn morning at Toronto University, when the two brothers and their cousin encountered Ea, the talking Crystal Skull, and a brilliant British Intelligence Officer named Egerton Sykes, both of whom launched the children into adventurous lifetimes of metaphysical and spiritual inquiry.

Children of the Sea, a young adult fiction book that takes the reader on a colorful, thought-provoking journey from 2001 to 2093, is told from the diverse perspectives of four children, and includes handwritten journal entries and original newspaper articles.

In five parts — Matthew's Story, Lauren's Story, Jared's Story, The Language of the Sea, and Transformation — the book follows Matthew’s career as a veterinarian with a passion for interspecies communication research; Lauren’s success in and departure from academia; and Jared’s calling from professional baseball player to Explorers Society philanthropist and world famous archaeologist in search of the only definitive proof of Atlantis — an owl-headed vase containing an orichalcum coin Driven throughout their lives by strange, synchronistic events toward their unique destinies, each character experiences the incredible capabilities of the human mind, and learns full well that there are many more layers to mankind’s history — and their own selves — than simply the truth of Atlantis.

Children of the Sea , based on the fascinating material in Egerton Sykes’ two journals, Atlantis and New World Antiquity, also incorporates other popular topics such as telepathy; reincarnation; Lemuria; the Veil between life and death; the existence of other dimensions; dreams; channeling; alternative healing; and the co-existence of good and evil. From the well-researched paranormal information to the snippets of true-life archaeological and scientific knowledge to the speculative portrayals of death, Children of the Sea challenges the reader to question who we are as human beings.