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Our mission is to share Egerton Sykes’ work and the story of his life with the world.

Seachild believes that Atlantologist Egerton Sykes not only set a superb standard for the serious study of Atlantis, but also established a logical methodology for the research of other non-mainstream ideas as well. In his life-long quest to explain the unexplained mysteries of this world and ourselves, Egerton Sykes dedicated himself to bridging the wide gulf between mythology and metaphysical thought, and scientific anthropological and archaeological research.

Whether Atlantis truly existed or not doesn't really matter. Sykes has given us plenty of food for thought about how an advanced civilization could be destroyed — in whole or in part — by itself or by other external factors, and what that catastrophic event may mean for humanity.


In accordance with its mission, one of Seachild's major goals is to inspire people to marvel at our magnificent oceans and their mysteries, and in turn, treat Mother Earth herself and all creatures, both great and small, with the utmost care and respect.

Who We Are

Anne Ruby
Anne Ruby

Born in 1963, Anne Ruby (a pseudonym), grew up in Ontario, Canada. Since early childhood, she has been passionately interested in interspecies communication; all medicine and healing methods including ancient and alternative; animal-assisted therapy; the ocean and its creatures; the potential powers of the human brain/mind; and lost civilizations. At the age of ten, she announced to her family that she wanted to “talk to dolphins and find Atlantis" when she grew up. Over the next thirty years; however, that dream was modified somewhat. After graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1989, she spent two years working in northern California in the field of marine mammal medicine, and then went on to practice small animal medicine for ten years at charity and emergency hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Anne Ruby says, “I’ve always liked to explore off the beaten path and, in the mid 1990’s, when I discovered the Egerton Sykes Collection in Virginia Beach, I’d thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I never met Mr. Sykes, but I’m sure we would have got along well. His lifetime body of work is a wonderful example of how to seriously approach and study, not only lost civilizations, but many other non-mainstream ideas as well.”

Anne Ruby is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ), and the Northern California Screenwriters (NCS). She presently lives in Petaluma, California with her husband and pets.

“The world will never tire of Atlantis,” Anne Ruby assures us. “In this day and age — a time of rapidly advancing technology, controversial wars, and concern about man’s impact on the environment — many people are questioning the direction our civilization is headed.”

Angus mac Lir
Angus mac Lir and Anne Ruby

Angus is a fourth-generation Northern Californian. He was schooled in geography and forestry. He finds himself driving a keyboard most days in his capacity as a disaster preparedness and response consultant and project manager for a global corporation. While he gets lots of frequent flier miles and frequent sleeper points, he has less time for his strongest passions: his bride (profiled above), soaring, reading, the Red Cross, and hiking in quiet places.

He is a proud husband, 38-year Red Cross disaster volunteer, Civil Air Patrol officer, former firefighter, current sailplane and powered airplane pilot, companion of two Border Collies, and a feisty black and white cat.

Frances A.Q. Walker
Frances Walker

Email: (paste into your e-mail tool).

Education: Librarianship courses (1950's); Theatre School (1960's); Marketing & Admin., City University, London, (1970's).

Experience: Actress (1960- ); Radio (Research & Production Assistant), BBC; Marketing & Administrator, National Charity (London), 1960's; Theatre Tutor and Theatre Department Co-ordinator, Brighton University. Founded Arts Theatre, Brighton University (now "Sallis Benney Theatre"), Manager and Head of Theatre Studies (Visual and Performing Arts Degree (Hons.), Brighton University). Inaugurated National Young Playwrights' Competition, (Judges - Jack Tinker (Daily Mail Theatre Critic), Christopher Biggins (Actor), & Fraser Dunlops (Literary Agents). Writer, "New World Antiquities" - Arts Review - & Sub-Editor. (Published Markham House Press for Egerton Sykes, Atlantis Explorer and Writer.)

From the 1960's, close relationship with Egerton & Kay Sykes, assisting in the research and production of his Journals. Designated Literary Executor at Egerton Sykes' death.

Currently: Advisor and Oral English Tutor (Embassy Language Centre, Hove, Sussex) and "Interactive School of English", Hove, Sussex. Tutor: Hungarian students' Summer School.

Research for biography of Egerton Sykes in preparation.