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Egerton Sykes’ two journals, Atlantis and New World Antiquity, have been out-of-print since 1979, but they are now available to you as Portable Document Format (PDF) by file-transfer (FT) !

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You can purchase an individual issue of either journal (FT $15),
OR an entire volume of either journal (FT $20),
OR a complete set of Atlantis (29 volumes/FT $120) or New World Antiquity (26 volumes/FT $120)
OR complete sets of both journals (FT $180).

Please note that when you buy a complete set of Atlantis or New World Antiquity, you’ll receive the Index & Readers’ Guide to Egerton Sykes’ Journals for free!

Browse through the Tables Of Contents of the individual journal issues, then E-MAIL US DIRECTLY at to purchase your choices. The leading code, e.g., AT or NWA, and numbers, #1, 2, 3, et seq., are the Index & Readers' Guide reference numbers. Please use these codes if you wish to buy individual journal issues.

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Please note: is the sole authorised source of Mr. Sykes' journals, Atlantis and New World Antiquity. We are licensed by the Literary Estate to publish and sell these works.

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